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Webb, Low & Barry offers a wide range of skills to suit our clients’ needs.


The Webb, Low & Barry Conveyancing department is headed by Chetna Lutchman, the Conveyancing Attorney and three clerks. The department deals mainly with the transfer of immovable property between persons through the preparation and registration of Title Deeds in accordance with the Deeds Registries Act. The department works hand in hand with a number of Estate Agents within the Bulawayo area and the Bulawayo Deeds Registry at Tredgold building. The Conveyancing department is well equipped to deal with both residential and commercial properties and can assist with the transfer of any immovable property irrespective of its size or location.

The department’s activities are not limited to property transfer but also involve the preparation of Bonds for Mortgages, Hypothecs and Liens as well as the procurement of Liquor Licenses and other similar instruments. In this regard, the Department works with a number of banks within Bulawayo to ensure that such essential commercial instruments are prepared and lodged as efficiently as possible.


Estate planning is the preparation of a person’s affairs to minimise the burden upon his or her beneficiaries following that person’s death. There are a great number of advantages to estate planning, not least of which is the avoidance of Estate Duty. Estate planning is carried out through the employ of a number of legal concepts and instruments including the use of Trusts, Private Companies and, most commonly, Wills. While a lay person can draft their own Will there is a distinct advantage in procuring professional assistance in that regard, to ensure that person’s testamentary wishes are carried out to the letter.

Estate administration is the other distinct service provided by Webb, Low & Barry and is the focus of our Estates department. Estate administration involves the winding up of a person’s estate after their death. The administration of a deceased estate is made simpler if adequate estate planning has previously been employed. However, Webb, Low & Barry deals with a variety of estates both testate and intestate. The winding up of an estate can be a long and arduous process, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the procedures to be followed. The estate administration services we provide are intended to lessen that burden and ensure a prompt and efficient winding up.

Our Estate’s department can also assist with estate related disputes regarding the disposition of assets by providing concise legal opinions as to the relevant law on any particular topic. Where necessary, such disputes may be decided through litigation and our Estate’s and Litigation departments work hand-in-hand to represent our clients in the appropriate forums.


Our litigation department is comprised of six attorneys practicing in a variety of forums including the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe, the High Court, the Magistrates Courts, the Administrative Court and in arbitration and mediation proceedings.

In civil matters Webb, Low & Barry offers services in all areas including contract law, labour law, commercial law, administrative law and family law. Webb, Low & Barry has a variety of resources available to it to ensure thorough research is done into our clients’ matters and aims to offer the best and most current legal advice. Also in the civil field, Webb, Low & Barry provides debt collection services. While debt collection is a relatively simple area of the law, knowledge of the prescribed forms and relevant Court procedures is essential. Webb, Low & Barry aims to ensure that our clients’ money is recovered as expeditiously as possible with minimal disruption to our clients’ lives.

Our litigation department also assists with the drafting of lease agreements, agreements of sale, shareholder’s agreements and other contractual instruments. With the dawn of the internet era, there has grown a tendency among the general public to use precedents downloaded from the internet. However, without the requisite legal knowledge, many such contracts are inadequate and in some instances may even be unenforceable. In drafting legal agreements our Attorney’s aim to ensure that our clients are fully protected and to anticipate any form of dispute that may arise.

In criminal law, Webb, Low & Barry provides pervasive legal services in respect of a variety of offences. In criminal matters, the department’s work comprises mainly attending remand hearings, making bail applications and attending to trials and appeals. Webb, Low & Barry’s Attorneys are fully familiar with Zimbabwean criminal procedure, the rules of evidence and the necessary techniques to be employed in the Court room. Having taken instructions from our client, our litigation attorneys are able to advise of the legal defences available to the client and recommend a proper course of action. In criminal matters, Webb, Low & Barry aims to ensure that our clients have the best defence possible.

The firm has a long history in Constitutional matters. Its former senior partner Robert Cole sat on the 1969 Constitutional Commission and, since 1983, the firm has been involved in a number of constitutional matters. Members of the firm played a major role in the development of the new Zimbabwean constitution which became law in May, 2013.

In both criminal and civil litigation matters Webb, Low & Barry charges fees in terms of the Law Society General Tariff and fees are billed on an hourly basis, regard being had to the complexity of the work involved, the urgency of the matter and the knowledge or expertise required to complete the task.

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